Hi, my name is Dani.

I write fiction and non-fiction. I write about things that are moving and beautiful, things that release my inner cranky-pants, and modern matters so absurd they send me into paroxysms of laughter. I hope to send you into paroxysms also.

You are under no obligation here, my friend, enjoy this garden of words. But do publish and credit me. Or send me a heart-warming message. Or buy me a coffee. And it goes without saying, I will never forget your kindness.

Panic Hour

  It’s eight in the morning. An escalator pulls me down from the street into the intestinal darkness. Streaks of lightning blue rush past my left shoulder, Photoshop motion-blur. Same in orange on the opposite wall, like this is an immersive internet advertisement. This tunnel is the cable. We are the particles. A unitary quantum […]

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The Man Who Loves Music

He launched Kate Bush, The Rolling Stones, and Queen, started Ticketek, Sonart, and now EOS. Meet Les Hodge–the Man who loves music.

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