Prophetic Fiction

It isn’t from the depths of his immersion in computer and VR technology that his revelations unfurl. It is, rather, from a detached overview, looking down, high on the heady fumes wafting up from the cooking circuitry below him, that he is able to make his prognostications.

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PJ Harvey: Hope Six Tour Review

PJ Harvey delivers a powerful and emotional experience that is as much high concept theatre as music.

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Military Blunders in the War Against Terror

Archival: March 2002 LANDMINES I recently saw a Super 8 video filmed by an acquaintance at a Cambodian hospital. The subject was a young man who had to have three men hold him down so that gangrene could be scraped from the inside of his amputated thigh. It is easy to be caught in a […]

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The Natural Way of Things: Review

Review of The Natural Way of Things, Stella Prize-winning novel by Charlotte Wood

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You probably know someone with MS who is keeping it secret

This World Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day, you may spare a thought for those affected by this chronic, debilitating disease. You may not realise, however, that there are people you meet every day with MS who are keeping it secret from you.

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Injecting Centre should open to pregnant women if they need it

People are afraid of the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre because they don’t understand what it does. When pregnant women are brought into the conversation, this fear predictably turns into hysteria.

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Things I Never Knew Until I was a Parent

Last time I did a VIA Institute personality assessment, my score for self-consciousness was off the chart. Now I sing in the street.

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Inside the Kings Cross Medically Supervised Injecting Centre

When Courtney Love kicked off her tour of Australia last month, I took a tour of the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre.

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The Man Who Loves Music

He launched Kate Bush, The Rolling Stones, and Queen, started Ticketek, Sonart, and now EOS. Meet Les Hodge–the Man who loves music.

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Food, Big Pharma & Multiple Sclerosis

Clad in a tablecloth and fitted with a face cage and helicopter headphones, I am strapped to some vinyl upholstery and remotely rolled into the tube.

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