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Unless You’ve Seen it Twice, You May Have Misread Todd Field’s Film, Tár

Like a Rubin’s vase, it might be a completely different movie the second time

SPOILER ALERT: The first time I saw it, I read it like most people. A much-lauded predator is unravelled and cancelled. 

But there was more to it I couldn’t work out. There were cracks in the marble. I knew it needed another viewing. Some of the edits were too quick for me. The kids were interrupting. Snatches of dialogue were too soft. Was that shot meaningful?

A long time ago, I studied film at uni. A long-buried name, Tarkovsky, kept coming to mind but I didn’t know why. 

Everything is meaningful. Continue reading

The Choke by Sofie Laguna: Review

The title of this book is apt. The choke is something I felt from the first moment. It’s also the main thing you worry about when you have small children.

While the book is not about strangulation, it is about children and adults who have not progressed much beyond the infantile. The vulnerability is palpable.

It starts with a frantic kids’ fight. Justine (Jussy) has teeth that are struggling through the gums. She is about six years old. It’s so vivid you can feel the power in her little legs.

We don’t know much about her yet, except that she is playing with big boys and one of them has access to a rifle. Continue reading


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