Things I Never Knew Until I was a Parent

Last time I did a VIA Institute personality assessment, my score for self-consciousness was off the chart. Now I sing in the street.

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Reckoning by Magda Szubanski

There is no gloating or syrup. There are therapy sessions, and a belief that trauma may be genetically carried from one generation to the next through nightmares and imagery.

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Letter to my Accountant

Thank you for your very kind letter. My initial tax meeting with your very pleasant sub-contracting accountant concluded with a statement I was not expecting to hear. Not the mellifluous, “you’ll be getting a refund of a grand.” Rather, the strong and discordant, “you owe the tax office two thousand dollars.”

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Love Letter to Bundanoon

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I’d like it. It was quaint. But dinky. No place for a city chick.  The roads were narrow. You could hide an orphanage in the potholes. And it was creepy, all those doilies.

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A Future Now in HER

HER (dir. bySpike Jonze) holds a mirror to what we have now – people disengaged with people. The love affair is with the technology that binds us together.

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Fred Cress Exhibition

Galeria Aniela, Kangaroo Valley What strikes you first about Fred Cress’s latest exhibition is the richness of colour; pure blacks, pure whites, and every jaundice yellow and bloody red in-between. His large, caricature-like depictions are iconic images of people known to us from society; recognisable, but unidentifiable.

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Philomena (2013)

Review of Philomena (directed by Stephen Frears) a film based on the book by Martin Sixsmith about the true life story of Philomena Lee, who as a pregnant teenager, was forced into Roscrea Sacred Heart convent for four years.

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